El Titiritero de La Habana
The puppeteer of Havana

directed by Wolf Hermsen

A film of 113 minutes filmed in
Havana/ Cuba with cuban actors including Ramiro Ruiz Hernandez, Olga Lidia Alfonso, Luis Crespo, Hubert Delgado, Yusimí Hechavarria Serrano.

Press reviews:

"Fantastic: Olga Lidia Alfonso"
(Szene Hamburg)

"Convincingly acted by Ramiro Ruiz Hernandez"
(Kieler Nachrichten)

"A very special inside view of the city of Havana and its inhabitants"
(Knut Elstermann, Radio Eins, Berlin)

"Hermsen plays with the fine line between dream and reality, and also shows the magical spirit of Havana through his pictures"
(Hamburger Morgenpost)

Writer / director Wolf Hermsen shot "El Titiritero de La Habana" with well-known Cuban actors in Havana

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Roberto, a puppeteer from Havana, has a dream. He hopes that a festival manager, whom he met years before, invites him and his puppets to Oslo. His dream turns into an obsession and his family starts doubting his mental state. They don't know that Roberto owns another set of puppets in an old ruinous shed in a backyard. He once prepared these puppets with the hair and blood of his deceased wife Olga to lend the puppet a stronger artistic expression.

Screening pics:

Mar 1 Sputnik-Kino Berlin

Feb 27 Babylon-Kino Berlin

Feb 26 Babylon-Kino Berlin

Feb 26 Interview Radio Eins

Feb 25 3001-Kino Hamburg

El Titiritero wins award for best foreign film in Los Angeles

"El Titiritero de La Habana" has won the award for the "best foreign film" on the
Action on Film Festival
in Los Angeles.

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Past screenings include these movie theaters and events:

Babylon Kino, Berlin
Sputnik Kino, Berlin
Acud Kino, Berlin
Lichtmess-Kino, Hamburg
3001-Kino, Hamburg
Kino in der Pumpe, Kiel
Savoy-Kino, Bordesholm
Kino Achteinhalb, Celle
Kino im Künstlerhaus, Hannover
Lamm-Lichtspiele, Esslingen
Syracuse Film Festival, Syracuse, NY
Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck
Action on Film Festival, Los Angeles
Broadway Int'l Film Festival, Los Angeles
Cartagena Film Festival, Colombia
Human Rights Film Festival, Bolivia
Rieckhof, Hamburg
Honigfabrik, Hamburg
Werkstatt3, Hamburg
Kulturhaus Eppendorf, Hamburg
Café Buenos Aires, Hamburg
Fools Garden, Hamburg
Drostei, Pinneberg
Pomm 91, Tornesch
Kulturhaus 73, Hamburg
Cine Alba, Havana
Cineteatro Regla, Havana
Cine Rampa, Havana