The Puppeteer of Havana – the Film

Original Title: El Titiritero de La Havana. Filmed in La Habana. Directed by Wolf Hermsen. Cast: Ramiro Ruiz Hernandez, Olga Lidia Alfonso, Luis Crespo, Hubert Delgado, Yusimí Hechavarria Serrano


Read the story of Roberto, a cuban puppeteer who plays bizarre scenes in a hidden place with puppets that he has once prepared with the hair and blood of his deceased wife.

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Interview with the director

The director tells us about his experience with the film. Why did he choose a Puppeteer as the main character of the film? Why does Roberto have such a strong desire to travel to norway?

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Watch the film here

Watch the film right here and now on the website! There is a version in Spanish with English subtitles available. Besides there is a versions with German subtitles plus a trailer.

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Roberto, a puppeteer from Havana, has a dream. He hopes that a festival manager, whom he met years before, invites him and his puppets to Oslo. His dream turns into an obsession and his family starts doubting his mental state. They don’t know that Roberto owns another set of puppets in an old ruinous shed in a backyard. He once prepared these puppets with the hair and blood of his deceased wife Olga to lend the puppet a stronger artistic expression.
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Interviews made in Cuba and on film festivals

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Press reviews

„Fantastic: Olga Lidia Alfonso“
Szene Hamburg
„Hermsen plays with the fine line between dream and reality, and also shows the magical spirit of Havana through his pictures“
Hamburger Morgenpost
„A very special inside view of the city of Havana and its inhabitants“
Knut Elstermann, Radio Eins, Berlín
„Convincingly acted by Ramiro Ruiz Hernandez“
Kieler Nachrichten